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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The day I met Billy

My second ‘suitor’ I met by accident. For the sake of naming lets call him sy the next letter of the alphabet. Billy? Yes, that should do. This will take more than one entry to tell in full, so you can have your fix of pervert stories for longer!

An administrator for an internet site I went to added me to their msn contact list. I recognised them from the site and so I added them without question. We talked immediately and got on quite well, although looking back on the conversation he made a lot of comments and sexual references that I missed entirely. He kept telling me I seemed cute and a couple of times he said that things I wrote would make me seem attractive. By the end of the first night he was already saying some strange things, but I hadn’t even noticed.

Soon after we started talking the next day he brought up the subject of mobiles, saying he would bet I sound cute on the telephphone. He made a lot more sexual references about hitting, and I was beginning to notice some of them by this point. When soft toys were mentioned he started talking about how he and others would rather be in bed with someone else, he then asked if this was the case with me. He wanted me to give him details of past relationships (something he kept pushing for the whole conversation) and asked if I was single and if I was a lesbian. He kept saying I was cute and asking if there were photographs of me that he could see.

We kept talking (this is still only the day after he added me as a contact) but had a long, normal conversation for a while. It didn’t last though. He made a blatantly sex-related comment and apologised for if he’d offended me, but a while later (after another long and normal conversation) he mentioned short skirts and dressing up. I didn’t block him or anything because a lot of our conversation had been normal and actually very enjoyable – he seemed a bit perverted but not really bad, just a bit sex-obsessed.

Maybe it would have been best to block him. Conversation got a bit worse before bedtime…


At 11:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can suggest when you meet these type of people is to BLOCK & RUN!

"Billy" sounds really prolific, looking forward to your continuing advertures!


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