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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Genesis of harassment

The first one was not very long ago at all. Someone added me to their msn contacts list and I wondered who they were. I looked at my friends profiles on the internet and realised it can't have been one that had a website etc. with their hotmail account listed. At the time I was absolutely convinced that it was someone I knew - so I accepted them as a contact and they were already online.

I said hello, asked who they were and apologised for if I was meant to recognise their hotmail address. By this point I was beginning to suspect I didn't know them - their username was odd and their user icon was a picture of a guy I didn't recognise. After a few minutes I got a reply which went something like 'A man is where his history is from' - that was all, it was a little odd. I asked where his history might be from and he kept replying with riddles. After quite a while I managed to get him to give his first name and where he was from (a country in Europe, but I won't say which).

He claimed to have been to London before and to be adding people from there because he liked it. He was actually very normal on the harassment stakes - just a nice guy (I think) who was a little creepy when he wouldn't tell me who he was and when he seemed to know whereabouts I lived in the county I'd listed. I was confused that he'd added me if all he wanted to do was speak in riddles and not say much. Little did I know that this was the start of a series of internet 'suitors' who verge on, and sometimes go a bit beyond the perverted.

In fact I think a naming system shall be used to keep track - maybe following the alphabet like hurricanes do. Since this was the first (and least perverted by a long way) of the people I met on the internet I think I shall call him... Adam.

More to come in the next entries - when things take an interesting turn.


At 7:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty creepy guy!

Love the new blog - keep up the posting, can't wait for the next "episode"!!! It's about time all these perverts were exposed!


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