Miss Harassed

A journal of my troubles with internet 'suitors'.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Firstly I apologise for not having been here for a while. Now to continue…

Billy and I had been talking for ages and it was beginning to get late. There were a couple of questions I asked where he answered without really saying anything (just normal questions where he’d reply ‘sort of’ or something similar) so I jokingly said he sounded like he enjoyed being a man of mystery. He replied that he’d tell me all his secrets, and since it was late I asked it it was like a bed time story. He seemed amused and asked if that meant I was in bed, I said no but asked if he was. He said no, but he could get in and then told me to wait for a second while he got undressed – I asked if he could have waited or at least not told me and he said it didn’t matter becase he’d done it anyway.

I said that he’d been rather quick and I wished I could get into pyjamas that quickly, and he replied that it was a bit too hot for pyjamas! Where it was so late I hadn’t realized what he was saying and mentioned using just a sheet instead of a duvet in the summer. He replied that he has a duvet and therefore doesn’t wear pyjamas, that being naked was cheaper and more comfortable. Unfamiliar with this concept, and a little embarrassed, I said that pyjamas were very comfortable and that I don’t understand how someone couldn’t want to wear them. He seemed amused and said “say you go to bed with your boyfriend, do you wear pjs then?” I replied that it wouldn’t come up, but that of course I would. He said with his last girlfriend they always slept together naked and that it made them feel closer (‘lots of skin to skin contact’ I think he said) and thatwhen he was in bed alone it was probably like the duvet was a substitute for skin, and a poor one at that. He kept talking about how being naked was the best way to be and that I should try it sometime. We kept talking, but that shall be left for my next (and much sooner) entry.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The day I met Billy

My second ‘suitor’ I met by accident. For the sake of naming lets call him sy the next letter of the alphabet. Billy? Yes, that should do. This will take more than one entry to tell in full, so you can have your fix of pervert stories for longer!

An administrator for an internet site I went to added me to their msn contact list. I recognised them from the site and so I added them without question. We talked immediately and got on quite well, although looking back on the conversation he made a lot of comments and sexual references that I missed entirely. He kept telling me I seemed cute and a couple of times he said that things I wrote would make me seem attractive. By the end of the first night he was already saying some strange things, but I hadn’t even noticed.

Soon after we started talking the next day he brought up the subject of mobiles, saying he would bet I sound cute on the telephphone. He made a lot more sexual references about hitting, and I was beginning to notice some of them by this point. When soft toys were mentioned he started talking about how he and others would rather be in bed with someone else, he then asked if this was the case with me. He wanted me to give him details of past relationships (something he kept pushing for the whole conversation) and asked if I was single and if I was a lesbian. He kept saying I was cute and asking if there were photographs of me that he could see.

We kept talking (this is still only the day after he added me as a contact) but had a long, normal conversation for a while. It didn’t last though. He made a blatantly sex-related comment and apologised for if he’d offended me, but a while later (after another long and normal conversation) he mentioned short skirts and dressing up. I didn’t block him or anything because a lot of our conversation had been normal and actually very enjoyable – he seemed a bit perverted but not really bad, just a bit sex-obsessed.

Maybe it would have been best to block him. Conversation got a bit worse before bedtime…

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Genesis of harassment

The first one was not very long ago at all. Someone added me to their msn contacts list and I wondered who they were. I looked at my friends profiles on the internet and realised it can't have been one that had a website etc. with their hotmail account listed. At the time I was absolutely convinced that it was someone I knew - so I accepted them as a contact and they were already online.

I said hello, asked who they were and apologised for if I was meant to recognise their hotmail address. By this point I was beginning to suspect I didn't know them - their username was odd and their user icon was a picture of a guy I didn't recognise. After a few minutes I got a reply which went something like 'A man is where his history is from' - that was all, it was a little odd. I asked where his history might be from and he kept replying with riddles. After quite a while I managed to get him to give his first name and where he was from (a country in Europe, but I won't say which).

He claimed to have been to London before and to be adding people from there because he liked it. He was actually very normal on the harassment stakes - just a nice guy (I think) who was a little creepy when he wouldn't tell me who he was and when he seemed to know whereabouts I lived in the county I'd listed. I was confused that he'd added me if all he wanted to do was speak in riddles and not say much. Little did I know that this was the start of a series of internet 'suitors' who verge on, and sometimes go a bit beyond the perverted.

In fact I think a naming system shall be used to keep track - maybe following the alphabet like hurricanes do. Since this was the first (and least perverted by a long way) of the people I met on the internet I think I shall call him... Adam.

More to come in the next entries - when things take an interesting turn.

So it begins...

Well, this is an anonymous blog with one true aim - to act as a journal of the strange people who have seemed to want to harass me! It's just as it says on the tin - I am Miss Harassed and feel the need to tell people about it (although my 'suitors' won't be named: that would just be mean!). So for anyone who reads this, be careful what you put in the internet! I'm grateful that I've been careful!